How to Stop Your Dog Pulling on the Lead

How many times has a walk around the block turned into a tug of war with your dog? If you have a leash-reactive or excitable dog, the likely answer is every single time. Going on a walk should be enjoyable; dare I say peaceful? A dog that consistently pulls on the lead zaps the fun out of walking together. There are a few simple techniques you can utilize to leash train your dog, as well as some misunderstandings we need to clear up. It is often assumed that when dogs pull on their leads they a

Things to Consider When Looking to Purchase a Toy Goldendoodle

You’re considering welcoming a toy Goldendoodle into your home, and are wondering what you should know when making your decision. There are several reasons Goldendoodles have great reputations. Below is a very brief description of the breed and questions you absolutely must ask breeders along with the correct answers they need to give in order to even consider buying a puppy from them. Goldendoodles are a crossbreed of Golden Retrievers and Poodles that have been bred since the 1990s. Since Gol

Top 10 Best Gadget Gifts for Dogs in 2016

Our pets are our family. Whoever said a dog is a man’s best friend didn’t understand that a dog is actually more like a child. Our dogs are there for us when it feels like no one else in the world is on our side. To reward such a special bond, of course you’d want to pamper your pooch! Below is a list of the top 10 gadgets and gizmos for the best dog gifts available today. Surprise your dog or the dog-lovers in your life with any of these gifts to guarantee their heart will stay warm well past t

Figure 8s - Core Exercise Guide with Photos

Muscles Targeted: The figure 8s medicine ball exercise primarily strengthens the rectus abdominis, internal and external obliques, and the transverse abdominis. This exercise also targets the deltoids, trapezius and the latissimus dorsi muscles as secondary groups. Exercise Advice: Grab a medicine ball with both hands and hold it straight out away from your body. With your feet about shoulder width apart, slowly move the medicine ball in a continuous motion forming the pattern of the number 8 (

Shot Put - Core Exercise Guide with Photos

Muscles Targeted: The shot put exercise primarily targets the core muscles which include the rectus abdominis, internal and external obliques, and the transverse abdominis. The obliques are the muscles working hardest in this version of the shot put. When pushing the medicine ball away from you, you’re strengthening the pectoralis major, anterior deltoid, and the triceps brachii. While this shot put exercise with a medicine ball doesn’t incorporate a spin or glide, you’re still using the quadric

Make Your Own Preservative for Cut Flower Bouquets

Store-bought bouquets usually come with a packet of floral preservative that will prolong the life of the flowers when it’s mixed into their water. You can easily make your own flower food for your garden’s cut-flower bouquets so they stay fresh longer, too. Here are some recipes: 1 tablespoon sugar plus ¼ teaspoon bleach per quart of warm water. 2 tablespoons sugar plus 2 tablespoons of either lemon juice or vinegar per quart of warm water. 2 tablespoons white vinegar plus 2 tablespoons suga

Ways to Attract and Feed More Hummingbirds

Hummingbird feeders can be effective attractants, but they require maintenance to keep them safe for the birds. Sugar water should be changed every three to five days, and more frequently during summer. This prevents the growth of mold. Clean the feeders at least once a week with hot water and a bottlebrush, but leave the soap detergent under the sink because it may leave harmful residue. If you don’t think hot water is sufficient, use a solution of diluted bleach. It’s imperative to rinse thoro

Variegated Solomon's Seal Lightens Shade with Its Striped Leaves

Virtues: We love variegated Solomon’s seal for its lily-esque fragrance and showy flowers. This plant is easy to care for as well as deer and rabbit resistant. Perfect for shade gardens and cutting, with variegated leaves great for flower arrangements. Flowers: Solomon’s seal has white, fragrant, bell-shaped flowers. The blooms are almost an inch long and hang along the bottom of the arched stems, often in pairs. After the plant blooms in late spring, the flowers are replaced with blue to black

Veitch's Blue Globe Thistle Offers Cool Midsummer Color

Virtues: Veitch’s Blue thistle is an herbaceous perennial that thrives in full sun. This plant is relatively low-maintenance and it attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Deer steer clear, preferring tastier plants.This is an excellent flower for cutting and drying. Flowers: The pincushion blooms are an indigo to steel blue and 1 to 2 inches in diameter. Foliage: The spiny steel-gray leaves have a bluish tint and are deeply dissected. The leaves’ undersides have a fuzzy white coating. Th

Don't Miss Out on Planting Fall Vegetables

There is an abundance of cool-season veggies to choose from when planning a fall garden. Timing is key: for warm regions, crops should be planted from late summer to early fall to be harvested in late fall to early spring.  In colder areas, seeds might be started in midsummer to be ready for transplanting in early autumn. Raised beds are an excellent option for a vegetable garden. You ensure the soil is appropriate for your garden, which will drain well and be loose enough for root vegetables t

Fighting Off Rose Curculio Beetle

The rose curculio beetle is a weevil that loves to munch roses, particularly yellow and white varieties. They’re reddish-black, ¼” long and they feed at night. The rose weevil dives into the flowers with its snout. If the plant isn’t blooming, the leaves will do just fine for this beetle. Weevils lay eggs in rose buds, where the larvae hatch and feed. Adults begin appearing in late spring. To control rose curculios, handpick adults from the plants. Then infested buds should be destroyed to ensu

Hands Unfit to Hold

At one time, there were baskets all over their Manhattan apartment. They had perched on countertops, windowsills, toilets, side tables. Most had been smashed against walls or Jenna, acting as a barrier between Stanley’s hands. He never understood her fascination with baskets, which are essentially expensive, wooden buckets. She worked tirelessly to weave intricate patterns in an attempt to surpass the “low and simple standards of the Longaberger monopoly.” She was confused about her inability to sell her own baskets, which compromised aesthetic features for complicated weave work. People only wished to buy the silver plate nailed to the front that read “monopoly” between the lines, she said. When they argued, Stanley would snatch the nearest basket and hurl it in any direction that guaranteed its destruction. He enjoyed robbing her of something, erasing her wasted effort on things no one would ever appreciate. The tears that fell when a basket was smashed mocked the sweat that was spent making it. All those baskets did was consume her energy and generate nothing.

Military Costs up Poverty

The mortality rate of children under five years old was used to determine the state of well being in a country. If the children are poorly taken care of, then the whole country is probably suffering, Carlton-Ford said. It became clear praetorian militarization — direct or strong indirect military control of the government — is a particularly harmful infrastructure on civilian populations, Carlton-Ford said. “It’s typically thought this happens more often in countries with poorly institutionali
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